Tester instructions

Testing the 2Greet app

This page is intended for hired testers of the 2Greet app.

Please do not install this special version of the app and don’t attempt to follow these procedures unless you were enrolled in the testers program.

Thank you!


In order to run the tests you need a phone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API level 23) or higher. You will not be able to install the app on older versions.

Your phone needs to support the Google apps. Phones from vendors that don’t install the Google apps will not work.

We prefer that your phone is updated to the most recent supported version.

You need to have a 4G LTE subscription and also a WiFi connection. The kind of WiFi that requires a secondary authentication (like found in hotels) is not adequate.

The tests you are going to run will use up to 2 MB (MegaBytes) of LTE plus WiFi data. See the description of each test for details.


2Greet will ask for two permissions to run:
Phone (since it’s a telephony app)
Microphone (since it needs to transmit your voice)

Both permissions should be granted or the app can’t run.

User data usage and privacy

For testing we will need your real phone number in order to send you the Authentication SMS needed by the app. We will delete this number during the processing of test results and we will not share it with any other entity.

We also collect the device type as exposed by the Android system to correlate with the test results. We keep this information only to identify app issues on specific device types.

Please see our Tester Privacy Policy for all the details.

Uninstall and cleanup

Getting rid of 2Greet may be a bit tricky since some telephony settings are kept by Android outside the app’s control.

To remove all traces of the app after you finished the tests:
– Uninstall 2Greet
– Reboot the phone

These steps will make sure your calls will be restored to normal.


Testing and reporting

Please follow the steps below to execute the tests.

After you finish or as you run each step please fill the reporting form to let us know the results.

Step 1: Install the app

Open Google Play, search for Tester only 2 Greet.

The icon in Google Play should look like this:

Install the app.

Please report any problems encountered during the install.

Step 2: Set up the app

Open the app immediately after installing from Google Play
– Search your applications for 2Greet and open it

Follow the wizard steps to set up the app until you see the success screen.

If you reached the last screen 2Greet has all the required permissions, has been authenticated with the test network and is set as the default telephony account.

You can check the Android notification area (top of the screen, usually left side) to see the 2Greet icon.

Drag down and expand the notifications to verify that the 2Greet state is Ready.

Please report problems encountered during the setup, it is also part of testing.

Test 1: Make a call

Go to the dialer (phone app), expose keyboard, dial test number 12341234.
Listen to the music and note quality.
Speak in microphone, it should be echoed back in about one second.

Success if both music and yourself can be heard and call setup took under 5 seconds.

This test will use up to 0.5 MB of your data – WiFi or LTE.

Test 2: Receive a call

While on WiFi make a call to the trigger number 23452345.
The call should ring once or twice and hang up immediately.

Success if an incoming call is received between 20 and 35 seconds, music can be heard and can also hear yourself.

This test will use up to 0.5 MB of your data – WiFi or LTE.

Test 3: Invoke USSD

Make sure you have WiFi or LTE active.
Go to the dialer (phone app) and dial: *1234#

You should receive a screen with your phone number.
Type a few words and press Send.

On next screen type just the letter q and press Send.

Test passes if you could follow the menu interaction and the final screen had just a Dismiss button.

Test 4: Outbound fallback

With WiFi and Mobile Data disabled place a call to a known working number.

Call should be sent out on the cellular network.

In this test you will make a regular cellular call that will be charged by your operator at normal rates.


Test 5: Inbound fallback

While on LTE/4G data with WiFi off make a call to the trigger number 23452345.

The call should ring once or twice and hang up immediately.
Wait one second and turn mobile data off.

Success if an incoming cellular call is received between 20 and 35 seconds and music can be heard.

For this test you will receive a regular phone call. For most operators receiving a call is free but there may be some operators that will charge you.


Test 6: WiFi Handover

Make sure you have a WiFi connection set up and ready to use.
Do not test with WiFi connections that require secondary authentication like in hotels.

While on LTE/4G with WiFi off dial the test echo number 12341234.
You should turn on the speaker mode for this test.
Once call is established and can hear music and yourself turn on WiFi.
Note how long it took for sound to work again (interruption length).
Check if you can hear yourself.
Turn off WiFi. Note how long it took for sound to work again.
Check if you can hear yourself.


Success if voice was interrupted less than 10s each time and worked afterwards.

This test will use up to 0.5 MB of your data – WiFi or LTE.


Test 7: Account state

Turn on Airplane Mode (this should turn off WiFi too) and then turn back on WiFi.

Wait 20 seconds and check that 2Greet state in notification area is Ready!

Go to dialer (phone app), place a call to the test number 12341234 and wait to be answered.

Success if call is placed and music can be heard.

This test will use up to 0.5 MB of your WiFi data.



If you finished the tests please go to the report form and enter the results.

Thank you and have a good time!

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