Android Settings

Many settings in the Android system can influence if and how well 2Greet works on your phone.

While we try to automate the settings as much as possible the restrictions in Android require that some changes to be done manually.

We will guide you through the steps so you can get the best voice calls.

You may also look up information of other sites like Don’t kill my app! for other phone types.

Battery usage optimization

The optimization of battery usage allows Android to stop applications and services as determined by a machine learning algorithm. This can cause various important service to be stopped unexpectedly and silently.

Disable battery optimization for the 2Greet application by following these steps:

In Settings select Device care
In Device care select battery
In Battery select Battery usage
in App power management select Apps that won't be put to sleep
Select Add apps
Select 2Greet and add it

Background data and Data Saver

Disabling background access to data or enabling the Data Saver will prevent normal operation of 2Greet.

Follow these steps to allow background data for 2Greet and except it from the data saver:

In Settings select Connections
In Connections select Data usage
In Data usage select Data saver
Select Allow app while Data saver on
In the list find and enable 2Greet

If 2Greet is open and detects that data saver is on you can open the app specific data usage settings and make the changes from there:

Turn on Allow background data usage and Allow app while Data saver on
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